Now many owners like to put a navigator in the car, which is equivalent to a portable electronic maps, navigation systems owners can use common sense to operate, or operate in accordance with the product instructions, and sometimes you can use Auto Diagnostic Tool, so you can save a lot of time, take a look at the correct way of using the navigator.

car navigation systems

1. We do not recommend put the navigator on the dashboard, especially in the summer, the sun direct lighting causes navigator damage.

2. Buy a new navigator first charge at least 10 hours.

3. to start the car, after inserting the cigarette lighter power, after the end of the navigation unplug the cigarette lighter, and then plug the next start vehicle, which will help protect the machine battery, extending battery life, you can use the Launch X431 Creader VIII or Launch X431 CResetter II tools to detect cars performance.

4. Beside the navigator don't put the sharp things, so as not to damage the navigation screen.

car navigation systems

5. After the shutdown sequence to follow this: Close the page, and then shut down, and finally unplug it, some owners diagram easy, used directly pull the plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time is easy to damage Electronic components.

General method enabled car navigation systems. Push in the SD memory card, do not write-protected SD card to the front toward the front of its host, the SD memory card gently into the jack switch to [OFF] in advance of Location So, when the first time, please switch to the position [ON], and enter the main interface, you can then start using the car navigation system; a delay when the screen can not be switched, the button does not work or touch Tap the pen system does not respond, press the [RESET] holes button to reset the system, can also be used Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 or Autel Maxidiag Elite MD703 tools to reset.