Note one:
Easy winter frost fog, low visibility, particularly rear-ends accidents. Lights must be working, especially fog lights, brake light, which is the winter traffic safety protection.

Treatment: Once the black headlight bulbs to replace as soon as possible, but also to check the fog lights, brake lights of the case, to promptly clean after dirty, especially headlights and fog lights should wipe clean.

Note two:
After the cold winters the number of vehicles to be reduced scrub. Body waxing is a must, after waxing the body is not easy to wet, icy winter difficult phenomenon. Rinse with cold water in winter cannot be directly vehicles, higher front car after the engine warming temperatures, rapid cooling with cold water, to paint the negative, but not directly wash engines.

Note three:
Winter tire rubber hard and relatively brittle, friction coefficient decreases, winter tires should pay attention to skills.

Treatment: tire pressure is not too high, but more cannot be too low, low external temperatures, the tire pressure is too low, soft tires serious can accelerate aging. Always clean up winter inclusions within the tread try to avoid using up over more than two tires, but also to replace the larger tire wear. Tire wear different degree of internal and external, to ensure the safety of reducing wear, the tire should be periodically change position.

Note four:
Fear battery temperature, low temperature environment is much lower capacity battery capacity than normal temperature. Low temperatures will significantly reduce battery capacity, so for not maintenance-free batteries, if used for a long time, the battery should be sent to the repair shop for a thorough charge.

Treatment: Before the advent of the cold season, they should supplement battery electrolyte, the electrolyte adjusting the proportion of good, while cleaning the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and ensure reliable starting and prolong battery life.

It should be noted that, due to the cold weather, the engine oil viscosity increases, before you start the engine, open switches the engine warm-up, re-ignition is started. If the vehicle is not easy to start the best start again every 30 seconds or so, avoid continuous ignition, preventing the spark plug too wet, the motor burned or battery power is exhausted. When you start the vehicle in order to save power, it is best to open other electrical ignition device.

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