Most auto repair shops tell the owner, should you replace a 5000 km oil. But what you have not studied the owners really have to replace 5000 kilometers of oil? Or is 5000 km replace the oil was already too late? This article will show you a simple and feasible, affordable oil quality testing methods.

Slow qualitative dipstick:

How to detect engine oil quality

This paper used for ion determination and chemical composition, it can be determined whether the sample contains a certain amount of a substance. Some of the material strip can be measured non-destructively measured.

We use this strip will be able to detect the oil inside the oil contained in the measurement status of the different components, to determine whether the oil has deteriorated.

How to detect engine oil quality

Remove the dipstick, qualitative dipstick in the slow drip drop of oil on the dipstick, the paper horizontally, wait 24 hours.

How to detect engine oil quality

If used oil droplets carry out such operations in the paper, we will find that after 24 hours standing (Note: the back of the paper, please vacant, so as not to affect the test results strapped cup is a good way), will appear on the paper mentioned below three important to the annular region.

1. deposited in the center of the ring spots coarse impurities within the oil deposits centralized place, the extent of the deposition ring can roughly determine the color depth of oil contamination.

2. diffuser ring in the periphery of the deposition ring ring ring band called diffusion, which is suspended fine particles in the oil spreads out the traces of impurities. The more fine particles, diffusion farther. Diffusion width and color uniformity ring is an important factor, which represents the additive dispersing ability of contaminants within the oil.

3. Oil ring at the periphery of the oil ring diffuser ring, color from light yellow to reddish brown, indicating the degree of oxidation of the oil.

Said the four grades of oil quality:

How to detect engine oil quality

One: no clear boundaries between the deposition zone oil spots and diffusion regions, uniform color throughout the oil patch, oil ring light and bright, good quality oil.

Two: the deposition ring color depth, wide proliferation ring, with a clear dividing line, the oil ring is yellow at different depths, oil contaminated, oil can still be used.

How to detect engine oil quality

Three: dark ring deposition, sediment density, diffusion ring narrow, darker oil ring, oil has deteriorated.

Four: only the center ring and oil ring deposition, no proliferation ring, ring black sediments deposited thick dense and thick, easy to dry, oil ring into the yellow and light brown, oily already oxidative deterioration.

Test Results: When the three reached the spot test would need to be replaced. In general, car oil is difficult in such a situation three levels, such as the situation arise, said three of the oil quality has deteriorated severely, recommended that owners in the deposition and diffusion ring ring color is darker with the proliferation ring has narrowing the time to replace oil. This can better cost savings, but also help extend engine life.

Regular car oil were detected, one can determine a reasonable time to change the oil, but also to avoid the premature replacement of oil brought lubricant waste. For the analysis of the oil anomalies can be detected early and eliminate the presence of engine failure risks, improve the reliability and service life of the engine.

Some OBD diagnostic tools will help you test out your vehicle on your own, for example: Launch X-431 PADII, Launch X431 V Pro, Launch X431 Diagun III, Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P and so on.