The oil filter is used to filter the oil dust, metal particles, sediments and suspended particles and other impurities, reduce impurities wear and tear on parts and protect the engine and other equipment. The quality of the oil filter is we have to consider, how to use the Auto Diagnostic Tool to identify oil filter, choice genuine oil filter is our common concern.

identify oil filter

Fakes: Filter surface print is not clear or fuzzy, print the paint on the surface of inferior, thin. No bypass valve, once the filter clogging, the engine will not get enough lubrication oil. After flameout did not inhibit the oil return function, cold start of the engine wear will be greater. The gasket sealing material, high temperature and high pressure may cause oil leakage, and even cause a fire. The filter material, to a predetermined filtering effect. Metal oil net coarsely, difficult to guarantee the oil amount of energetic.

Hazard: The counterfeit oil filter pump not only affect the normal lubrication of the engine, and because of shoddy, the interface of the main oil may have Mifengbuyan conditions, resulting in a binding machine oil filter and cylinder face jump out, the result will cause oil leakage, poor engine cooling failure. You can use the Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 GDS tool to check these failures.

identify oil filter

Genuine: filter surface factory standard font printed clearly, printing paint with good texture, pure white. With internal bypass valve, ensure that any state has a sufficient amount of oil supply. Inhibition of reflux design complex, ensure the filter has the next time you start to oil, reduce the wear of the cold start (all are factory filter this bag is equipped with protection function). Before leaving the factory, a lubricating grease at the interface, the sealing gasket material, rubber material according to the rules. The filter oil specially developed, moderate density, ensure the filter oil filter core. The metal in the form of standard oil through the network, to ensure the oil throughput.

Oil filter is the most commonly used cars consumables, thousands of kilometers will be replaced together with oil. Although this inexpensive small parts, but in the course of normal operation of the engine, but plays an important role. If it's out the problem will make fuel consumption increase, increased engine wear and tear; Severe then let the engine scrapped, So, you need to regularly use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 tool to check the car's performance.