The One-Step Installer and Launch Diagnostic Tool will install all the necessary MyITLab files on your home machine and make all important setting adjustments for you. It is a critical tool for your success in using the program throughout the academic term, as it is designed to make your experience with the product more simplistic. Additionally, it will place an icon on your desktop that you will use for easy access to the MyITLab login page for the remainder of the term.

1.  Click on the Home Computer Set-Up link found on the MyITLab homepage to download the One- Step Installer & Launch Tool.

2. When prompted, click Run to initiate the process (do not select ‘Save’).  

3. Follow the prompts on the screen and complete each of the wizards to finish installing all necessary elements.

4.  Once complete, close ALL internet browser windows that you might have open.

5. Locate the new Launch MyITLab icon now on your desktop. Double-click the icon and begin logging into MyITLab.

6.  Please use the Launch MyITLab icon on your desktop EVERYTIME you login/access MyITLab for the rest of the term. (You do not need to access this One-Step Installer & Launch Tool download page anymore. Just use the icon on your desktop.) Ensuring a successful experience with MyITLab, the Launch MyITLab icon will perform the following actions:
a.  Empty your Temporary Internet Files.
b.  Set your screen resolution to the optimal setting for MyITLab (1024x768) and reset your screen resolution when Internet Explorer is closed.
c.  Launch Internet Explorer and take you to the MyITLab website.

INTERNET EXPLORER 9 USERS: When you click to download the One-Step Installer & Launch Tool you will receive a warning message in a new window. To continue with the installation, click the Actions button. On the next screen click More Options and then click Run Anyway. This process will NOT harm your  computer.