Summer car battery maintenance is regularly use OBD Diagnostic Tool inspection maintenance, trailer coupling corroded battery case must be promptly treated to eliminate hidden dangers.

How to maintain the car battery in summer

The heat of summer, the car in high temperature and under the hot sun, there will be a series of problems caused by high temperature and failure, often seen in the case of fire, causing casualties. Vehicle in the sun for a long time, the temperature inside the car sharply increased. It has been shown that when the outdoor temperature in 36 degrees Celsius, the car as long as two hours of exposure to the sun, the car will increase to 68 degrees Celsius temperature. It can be imagined, without the use of the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 Diagun III tool to check the battery, in this environment is easy to short-circuit and spontaneous combustion.

How do the clean-up battery: lead to car battery pile head corrosion reason is battery liquid sulfuric acid. When the engine, generator will recharge the battery, the battery will produce hydrogen bubble, some acid composition will be followed by a hydrogen discharge battery, especially in charging system, such as the generator voltage is too high or charging without restraint, leads to charge excessive and so on, it will lead to a lot of sulfuric acid components into the battery on the panel to, then the two pile head will corrosion.

How to maintain the car battery in summer

In addition, when the daily driving, before leaving the car, check to make sure that all lights and other electrical vehicle (such as radios, CD) has been shut down because of a long parking time will run out of battery power. Car battery to regular maintenance, carefully check the battery bolts through the vent plug, the battery will produce a large number of hydrogen, oxygen gas, once the exhaust valve failure or blockage, the pressure is too large, may cause explosion.

To avoid sparks, the pile head before the demolition of the battery, to all automotive electrical and ignition turned off, then use Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Xtool PS2 tool to check, and must remove the negative pole first, then remove the positive pole. In the back of the pile head, the positive electrode and the negative electrode. In addition, if you are not sure, it is best to consult the original operation of the factory in the process of safety precautions.