Regularly using the Auto Diagnostic Tool check the oil level, oil level is too high will not only increase the engine running resistance, resulting in unnecessary power loss, but also cause oil leakage; liquid level is too low, due to poor lubrication and damage to the engine, so the engine oil level is too low should check the engine without oil leakage and abnormal oil consumption; start the engine before switching on the ignition, the oil level indicator and the oil pressure indicator lights and start the engine should be extinguished.

How to maintain the engine lubrication system

Use appropriate viscosity of oil, the oil viscosity is too low, the oil film is easy to damage and produce parts sticking phenomenon; Viscosity is too high, it will produce parts of mobile added resistance in engine starting difficulty, increase power loss. You can use a Launch X431 V+ Pro3 or Launch X431 Diagun III tools to check the working performance of engine.

1) According to the climate use of oil. When the ambient temperature is low, the use of small viscosity of the oil, easy to start the engine. When the ambient temperature is high, the high viscosity oil is used to keep the oil film of the movement;

2) According to the condition selection of oil, good condition of the engine, with a smaller gap, can use low viscosity oil, the poor condition of the engine, with the gap is very big, can choose high viscosity oil;

3) The diesel engine has a higher combustion pressure, plus generate sulfurous acid diluted in oil after the sulfur content of diesel combustion, and therefore should be used to neutralize the diesel engine and diesel engine oil sulfite.

Regular replacement of engine oil, it is best not to add oil, if long-term add oil, will make the accumulate inside the engine oil coke, blocking the oil filter, resulting in engine moving parts are not lubricated severely damaged engine parts.

For automotive engine lubrication system, as long as do regular use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 tool to check the engine, not only can extend the life of the engine, it can also reduce unnecessary economic losses.