The fuel system is an important source to provide power for the car to run, a lot of cars with the failures are due to the fuel system is not working smooth, so how to maintain good vehicle maintenance in the fuel system is also an important part of, and in accordance with OBD diagnostic tool test results to distinguish fuel system maintenance methods will be slightly different. According to different engine fuel, the fuel system can be divided into gasoline and diesel vehicles, they should pay attention to what in the maintenance of the process?

Gasoline vehicle maintenance
Data show that: the 50% gasoline engine failure is caused by the fuel system, and the faults of fuel system and about 50% are caused by unclean because of fuel, therefore, How to remove the fuel oil in the water is an important part of the maintenance of diesel vehicles.

maintain the vehicle fuel system

Gasoline will have some water, these are some of the extraction of water produced during some are generated due to external factors. At normal temperatures, the fuel may dissolve some moisture on their own, but in the winter the temperature decreases, the water solubility of the corresponding smaller, the excess amount of water will be dissolved together. The proportion of water is more than oil, it will slowly separated out, stay in the oil or filter the bend, causing the oil supply is not continuous. When the temperature is below the freezing point of water, the water will freeze coagulation, causing oil is not continuous.

In addition, gasoline, water will corrode and destroy the fuel supply system components. Therefore, we must timely use of Launch X-431 PAD and Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool to effectively remove the fuel oil in the water, you can help the effectiveness of some detergents.

Diesel car maintenance
Diesel, for example, diesel fuel contains paraffin, which was dissolved at normal temperatures in diesel, and serves as lubricating oil and diesel fuel pump nozzle tip. In the winter, large temperature difference between morning and evening, and sometimes sudden cooling, paraffin will crystallization, thus crystals of various units together and form a "paraffin crystallization network" This network extends to all of the liquid, the complete control of diesel, resulting in Diesel loss of mobility, clogged filters, affecting the normal oil supply.

maintain the vehicle fuel system

Once this phenomenon, the old traditional way is to spray the tank with water, you can make diesel fuel temperature, paraffin reintegration into diesel, but this method is not only time consuming, but can not completely dissolve paraffin diesel fuel, particularly paraffin oil pump and filter is inside. In this case, some people will be blended with gasoline or ethanol in diesel, used this method to solve the problem. But the engine oil system will cause a lot of negative effects. Such as excessive wear on the pump nozzle and fuel system components for corrosion.

The correct approach is actually very simple, as long as you join in gasoline or diesel fuel alcohol into a dedicated high-tech formula additives can, using Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P and Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tools to detect. Meanwhile, in order to better conserve your car, maintenance of good fuel system, a method of maintenance of the regular cleaning is also very important.