The present is the most widely used vehicle hydraulic power steering system, then daily how proper use and maintenance vehicle hydraulic power steering pump do? when necessary, require the use of OBD Diagnostic Tool.

vehicle hydraulic power steering pump

Generally, in normal use and maintenance hydraulic power steering pump, need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The hydraulic power steering pump when used to choose the correct type of booster oil, otherwise it will affect the power steering pump efficiency and service life. You can use the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool to check power steering pump.

2. Always check the use of booster oil, booster oil must be kept clean. Regular replacement of the booster oil, in filling booster oil must be equipped with the filter.

3. If a long time parked car when restarting, do not work immediately, at least 10 minutes should be no-load operation, booster oil and other fluids to be assisted to reach normal operating state and then driving.

4. operated vehicle steering pay attention to observe steering system is functioning properly, whether the impact or noise, booster oil passage for leakage, you can use Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 or Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 tools to check in order to detect and troubleshooting.