Is the so-called suspension system, between the wheel and the vehicle body, take on the job of carrying the body and absorbing the vibration, to provide the best comfort. Under normal circumstances, the shock absorber may have a fever, if you do not explain the fever shock absorber oil spills. Car driving, each time shaking up and down, the suspension will be rattled, and when the uneven road surface noise intensified, it means suspension system malfunction, may be a shock absorber damage or shock absorber rubber sleeve damage. If you are not sure what the reason, you can use Auto Diagnostic Tool to check the car's performance.

How to maintenance automobile suspension systems

Suspension - Shock Absorber check
Suspension system not only affect vehicle ride comfort, but also as through sex, stability and adhesion performance impact on other properties. The original is in the suspension system includes shock absorbers, springs, anti roll bars, rods and other parts. In turn, especially a sharp turn, body roll is too large, indicating that the damper, stabilizer bar, or is the guiding mechanism parts are damaged.

Brake System - Brake oil brakes
In daily use, to use Launch X-431 PAD or Launch X431 V+ Pro3 tool to check whether the vehicle brake deviation, braking performance how, and how the effect of the parking brake (handbrake) is. In the maintenance of the vehicle, the brake system must first be carried out in the brake oil inspection, such as the brake pipe is cracked, brake oil leakage, etc.. The brake pedal is also a part of the need to pay attention.

How to maintenance automobile suspension systems

After you replace the brake pads, check whether the brake pedal return to normal, daily driving time to pay attention to prevent the mat to slide under the brake pedal, so the brakes can not be trampled to death.

Brake system plus brake fluid can not be mixed, at present, the market most cars are equipped with two braking systems: foot-controlled brake (brakes) and hand control of the parking brake (handbrake). Replace the brake fluid, must take the original brake oil finished, cannot mixed with, more can not be mixed with air inside the brake fluid. Generally speaking, the brake pads wear degree with habits have great relationship, automatic car brake pads with better than manual transmission fast, generally more than 20000 kilometers later, each time to do maintenance to use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Xtool PS2 tool to check the car brake pads. This can better protect the suspension system. If the rubber sleeve is badly damaged, it must be replaced with the shock absorber.