Due to business reasons will be long term parked car, In the purchase of second new car and put old car park over a long period of time, this approach is very bad for the car, it is prone to accidents, you can use Auto diagnostic tool to check vehicle safety performance, ensure that no problem, you can use the car to travel.

maintenance long term parked cars

Long term not use of car failure rate is higher than the normal use of the car. Parked car more than a week, it will shorten the life of vehicles. If the vehicle long home garage for too long, the proposed re-use, timely use of Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 Diagun III tool checked batteries, oil, etc.

Vehicle is in motion, the engine will charge the battery, if long-term not use, the battery is not charging, still give the anti-theft devices and other electronic equipment supply, over time there will be loss of electricity, causing the vehicle can not be normal. If the battery power loss occurs frequently, the battery life will be greatly reduced. For some of the battery storage capacity had been declining and  vehicle park more than a week, are likely to lead to the vehicle can not be the ignition phenomenon.

Long-term parking the car will cause engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and other deterioration. Seal will be relatively easy to aging, because the vehicle to stop at the contact force is always uneven seal around until the seal permanent deformation, so very easy to spill. If the tire pressure is too low or the park, such as a bad environment, but also lead to corrosion or rim tire deformation. So, after long-term parking, it is recommended vehicle to the repair shop to check all kinds of oil, after long-term parking of vehicles, it is recommended to shorten the maintenance cycle, check should also include a variety of circuits, wires, etc. beware of rats and other biting. Electronic component failure. Electronic components and connectors on the car have a common characteristic, is to water, moisture and corrosion, otherwise it will lead to failure. For suspended vehicle electronic components or plug wire connector, it will greatly increase the likelihood of damp, and suspended longer, the probability of failure is higher.

maintenance long term parked cars

Long term parking, tire deformation. The car stopped, the weight of the car is composed of 4 parts of the tire contact with the ground contact pressure bearing, resulting in shrinkage deformation. The longer the time cars off the road, the more difficult parts of the deformation recovery, so that the weight of the tire around the distribution changes, uneven rolling radius, causing tire imbalance. Once the car into the high-speed, the body will occur chattering can be accelerated wear of tires, but also bring the problem of traffic safety. So when re-use of the car, you need to use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 diagnostic tool to detect and avoid accidents.