Filter is the key projects when we maintenance to the car, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, the so-called "three filter" Conservation has always been a point of attention. In addition to these three common commonly used filters, there is a transmission oil filter, its maintenance methods very few people know, is very simple, just use the OBD Diagnostic Tool can be.

How to maintenance of automatic transmission oil filter

The conservation process in the daily inspection car, the car transmission oil filter is rarely mentioned, unless damaged, affecting the transmission operation, otherwise, its maintenance is easy to be overlooked in. Because in most cases, transmission oil filter is not like oil, air or fuel filter as easy to replace. In fact, since the automatic transmission oil, ATF filter is a device for protecting the second main assemblies, so it should be kept clean or replaced in time according to the Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 IV GX4 Master equipment recommended by the manufacturer.

The automatic transmission usually paper filter, felted membrane filter or oil filter to filter out the dirt. Asian carmakers like using a membrane filter; and European and American manufacturers are more inclined to paper or felt filter.

Some car manufacturers have introduced long-life or maintenance-free transmission. The transmission no dipstick device and its normal maintenance, ATF and filter replacement cycle of up to 160,000 km / h.

How to maintenance of automatic transmission oil filter

For the ATF filter, you can't judge the performance of the filter, unlike oil filter to be replaced follow along as oil, unlike the air filter, you can take it down and clean it, transmission oil filter can only rely on inspection and maintenance process maintenance personnel inspection tips. It also reminds us that we must have understand of basic car maintenance knowledge, or you can use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiSys MS908 professional equipment to check the filter work performance.