After entering the winter, the car has a lot of attention, professional OBD Diagnostic Tool will maintain the maximum degree of performance and extend the life of the vehicle.

automobile tire maintenance

In order to cope with the car manufacturers tend seasons with Four Seasons General automotive tires. Tire mentioned here mainly for those keen to change cars and living area in the winter snow more owners who are often modified sports tires summer tires on dry ground. So winter is approaching, the tires should be replaced based on their attributes modified tires.

In the northeast, northwest regions with cold winters tend to be accompanied by the arrival of large amounts of snow after snow tires and summer tires on dry land can not meet snow and ice, there are likely to occur in the process of moving to slip, living in these areas friend, should be based on demand for their car winter tires put on snow.

automobile tire maintenance

Also with the drop in temperature, tire rubber hardens easily, compared to the summer more prone to cracking and accelerate aging, etc., so the tires before winter to conduct a comprehensive inspection. When they find apparent injuries or serious aging, it is recommended to consult a professional repair shop, if necessary, recommend immediate replacement.

About different seasons tire pressure, tire pressure as long as the standard is in accordance with the instructions on the label to tire, car tire pressure up or down without deliberately.