In the use of the car, often leak failure occurs, it will directly affect the technical performance of the car, leading to oil, fuel waste, power consumption, the impact of the car clean and tidy, causing environmental pollution. Because oil spills, reduce internal engine oil, resulting in poor mechanical lubrication, insufficient cooling, can cause mechanical damage early, even leaving accidents.

First, The common main reason for the vehicle oil spill

automobile oil spills

1, the product (accessories) quality, material or workmanship is poor; structural design problems.

2, improper assembly of high speed, with the dirty surface, liner damage, displacement or failure to standardize procedures for installation.

3, tighten the nut force uneven, slippery silk buckle or break off as a result of work Songkuang failure.

4, after long-term use of the sealing material wear off limits, aging metamorphism, deformation failure.

5, lubricants add too much oil too high or mistake of oil.

6, parts (side cover type, thin-walled parts) engagement surface deflection, the housing is damaged, so that oil leakage.

7, vent plug, after the check valve plug, due to the pressure difference inside and outside the enclosure role, often lead to seal leakage weaknesses.

Second, Oil spill prevention measures of vehicle

automobile oil spills

1, emphasis on cushioning effect. Automotive standing parts (such as the end face of each engagement, each cover, shell, cover mats, flat enamel cover, etc.) gasket leak-proof seal between components plays a role. If the materials, production quality and installation does not meet the technical specifications, leak-proof seal would not achieve the role, and even accidents. Such as the oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area and difficult to compaction, the resulting oil spill. Note that when handling properly placed, carefully check the press specification assembly.

2, various types of fastening nut torque the car are tightening regulations required. Too loose, not tight pressure pads would leak; they will screw around tight metal bumps or threaded twist slip caused oil spills. In addition, the oil pan drain plug back if not tighten or loosen off, likely to cause oil loss, and subsequent "bush-burning axle" of engine damage accident.

3, the timely replacement of seal failure. Many parts of the car moving home (such as oil seals, O-rings) due to improper installation, journal and seal edge misalignment, yaw and dumped oil. Some seals used for a long time due to rubber aging and loss of elasticity of the canal. Found leakage should be updated.

4, auto parts used for a long time will produce excessive wear limit (eg, such as piston and cylinder), resulting in the combustion chamber of high pressure gas into the crankcase, and forcing the oil leakage. Therefore, when added to the oil filler cap emissions at channeling serious, should try to repair or replace worn parts.

5, to avoid a one-way valve, vent valve blocked. The resulting temperature rise within the housing, oil filled the entire space, not the canal discharge, increased pressure within the housing so that oil consumption growth and replacement cycles. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, increasing the resistance movement of the piston, so that the fuel consumption increases. Due to the pressure difference inside and outside the enclosure role, often lead to seal leakage weaknesses. Hence the need for regular inspection of the vehicle, and clear, clean.

6, various types of pipe joints sealed properly addressed. Car union nut often removable, easy to slip off the buckle and loose wires; two joint bell poor accuracy, the two do not coincide with the center line of the cone and the bad; not coincide different taper, which will cause oil leakage . Replace the union nut with grinding solve its cone seal, compression nut and resolve seal.

7, to avoid rejection oil hub. Wheel bearings and grease cavity excessive or improper seal assembly, poor quality and aging failure; wheel brake frequently caused by high temperatures; axle nut loose, and this will lead to rejection of the oil hub. So useful "cavity lubrication" vent clear, strict selection of high-quality accessories, according to the high-speed assembly and process specifications.

Third, the maintenance and overhaul of the main points of the vehicle

automobile oil spills

In extremely clean conditions for assembly, parts work surface no bump, no scratches, burrs and other fixtures; strict rules, seals should be properly installed, do not be put in place to prevent deformation; grasp performance specifications and requirements of the seal timely replacement of failed parts; side cover classes for thin-walled parts, the use of sheet metal cold do correction; easy to wear shaft hole type parts can be metallized, repair welding, gluing, machining and other processes in order to achieve the original size; try using a sealant, if necessary, can paint to achieve the desired sealing effect of alternative; slide wire nut off button, release should be repaired or replaced with new parts, and tighten to the specified torque; should be carefully examined before the appearance of quality rubber seal assembly; use press with specialized tools, to avoid distortion beat; filling grease required regular cleaning to clear the vent and check valves. Just do the above, the vehicle is completely leak problems cure.

Some car diagnostic tools will help you test out your vehicle on your own, for example: Launch X-431 PAD, Launch X431 Diagun III, Autel MaxiDas DS708, Autel MaxiScan VAG405 and so on.