Carbon deposition is spark discharge machining a manifestation of abnormal, therefore, should try to reduce vehicle carbon deposition by some Auto Diagnostic Tool.

car carbon deposition

First, Don't long time idle running.
Long idling time, the engine reaches normal temperature time becomes longer, the gasoline is injected into the valve back after the evaporation speed is slow, carbon also arises. At the same time often idling speed, air flow into the engine also small, so flushing carbon deposition action becomes very weak, will promote the accumulation of carbon deposition. You can use the Launch X431 GDS 3G or Launch X431 Diagun III tool to detection of carbon deposition.

Second, high-speed running, try to improve my hand car shift speed.
Run high-speed purpose is use air flow on the inlet to prevent carbon deposition. In addition, to improve the speed of the shift also run a high speed have the same role, in the original 2000 speed when shifting into 2500 conversion, not only can effectively prevent coke formation, it can also increase the power of the car, but also to avoid the change burst speed is too low to bring vibration block, protect the engine.

Third, pay attention to turn off car.
For cars fitted with a turbocharger, don't stop immediately after high speed or climbing, in idle running 10 minutes and then stop, because the car is equipped with a turbocharger which carbon formation rate than the average naturally aspirated car several times faster, you can use Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 or Autel Maxidiag Elite MD703 tools to detect the car's performance.