Automotive carbon has been the most troublesome aspects of maintenance car, but if the daily driving process if pay attention to good driving habits, regular use of Auto Diagnostic Tool, can greatly reduce the formation of automobile carbon. Here are some basic tips.

car carbon deposition

1, Don't long time idle running
Idle time is long, the engine at normal temperature time is longer, the gasoline spray valve on the back of the evaporation speed is slow, the carbon deposition which. At the same time often idle speed, the air flow into the engine is small, so that the carbon flushing action is also very weak, will promote the accumulation of carbon deposition.

2, Pay attention to flame the timing
For cars equipped with a turbocharger, after climbing at high speeds or do not immediately turn off at idle for 10 minutes and then turn off, the car is equipped with a turbocharger speed the formation of coke than the naturally aspirated type of car to be several times faster.

That car is satisfied in the routine maintenance conditions every 20000 to 40000 kilometers to do cleaning air intake system, which is under the premise without disassembly of the engine, with the Launch X431 Diagun III or Launch X-431 PAD dedicated device-specific method for the vehicle inlet, valves, oil and so easy to the formation of the carbon parts cleaning operation.

3, The use of clean gasoline
Gasoline is the main component in the formation of carbon impurities, so the trend of high gasoline cleanliness formation of coke on the weaker. But beware of high-grade does not mean high quality, label represent octane oil, and do not represent the quality and cleanliness. Some owners in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline will be used in practice to add gasoline gasoline detergent. This effectively prevents the metal layer is formed on the surface of carbon knot, and can gradually activated carbon particles existing and slowly removed, can also use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool checks, in order to protect the engine from damage.