In summer, the car ignition incidents continue to occur, in fact, the majority of  vehicles spontaneous combustion are to be expected. Automotive body noise, a coke burnt taste, smoke is likely to be the precursor of spontaneous combustion. In case of spontaneous combustion, the car personnel should immediately leave the car,  you can use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to detect vehicle performance, professional advice, occur in hot weather, the owner of car maintenance should pay attention to the following points :

car spontaneous combustion

First, check the oil. We usually find that a lot of cars have symptoms of chassis oil spill , in the hot season, which is likely to be the cause of spontaneous combustion. And the spontaneous combustion accident at ordinary times is also for oil. Hence the need for frequent use Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 Creader VIII tool to view the car, if the engine oil spills, oil spills chassis tubing signs of aging or broken it should go to a professional repair shop or 4S shop maintenance.

Second, check the circuit. More than three years of car especially modified car headlights, modified car stereo should be comprehensive examination. Car circuit fire occupy a considerable proportion of spontaneous combustion events. Engine, ignition coil, high temperature, high voltage ignition wire insulation softening, aging, dehiscence, high-voltage ignition easy breakdown of the insulating layer, it is easy to produce high-voltage leakage, leading to spontaneous combustion.

Third, after the car stopped immediately shut down the engine , to develop good driving habits. The hot season, the ground temperature is higher, when parked idling and others, the maximum temperature of the exhaust pipe under the car,  even higher than 800 ℃. If there is a parking ground hay, paint, or other flammable items, for a long time under the baking will be on fire, and burn the car.

car spontaneous combustion

Fourth, Clean up the car of  inflammable and explosive materials. The male driver of friends like lighters on the center console, in the hot season, this habit will become very dangerous. Another perfume contains more alcohol, and very easy to fire. Now a lot of automotive interior materials generally do not have fire resistance in case of fire, the fire spread easily.

Summer is the high incidence of car ignition, the car ignition, generally due to a short circuit electrical wiring or inside the vehicle flammable materials. To avoid spontaneous combustion to reduce the chance of your car, regular maintenance regularly, but every car with at least one Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 or Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 tools, check the car function.