Method 1: Washing and waxing. Wash car wash and wax using specialized anti-static, dust the surface of the car can be, the film clean.

Method 2: Instrument Panel Shop wet towel. Usually put a wet towel on the dashboard, or on a regular basis with a sprayer spray a little water in the car, the car can increase humidity, reduce static electricity inside the car.

Method 3: Drink plenty of water. It is better to prevent the owners from their own internal way of static electricity, the more water can increase the skin's surface humidity, and static electricity in a wet state is not going to happen on their own.

Method 4: Use the key addition to static. Acquire other key contact to drive the car in front of the metal parts of the discharge, but do not car keys, car keys inside with theft because the chip, using the car keys discharge car keys may lose theft effect.

Method 5: less open circulating air conditioning. Open cycle air conditioning inside the autumn season will make the car itself has been very dry moisture memory could not recommend ajar window.

Method 6: rub moisturizer. Late autumn or winter, often rubbing hand cream can not only keep the skin moist, but also anti-static, do both. Some people go to wash your hands before going out to drive would be a good idea.

Method 7: use less chemical supplies. Whether human or vehicle should minimize use the chemical class seat covers and floor mats.

Method 8: Using the discharger. Static discharger on the market with air static discharger and take the chain discharger, the effects were good.

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