Hot summer temperatures, the hot sun road car to withstand the ordeal, the engine temperature is too high is summer cars need to pay special attention to matters, prevent the engine temperature is too high to pay attention to the following four bogey.

How to prevent the engine temperature is too high in summer

A bogey: boil immediately when opening the lid, add water
Radiator in the inland waters after boiling, internal pressure to a certain extent, if at this point immediately open the radiator filler, from hot water can, causing burns. The right thing to do is to find the tank water boiled, immediately opened the hood to increase air flow, when the water temperature drop is no longer a boil, then use a wet towel to do hand pad, radiator water cover unscrewed a first block and release of water vapor, a moment is opened entirely. To avoid water mouth above will face at the same time, to prevent scalding hot water overflowing face.

Second, avoid: boil after flameout immediately
Some drivers found after boiling, thought is immediately shut down. Want to know: Engine why boil is due to high temperature of inner water jacket is jacketed tank, wall, cylinder head temperature too high. At this time if the flameout, parts are in expansion in the state, with the gap is very small, after the shutdown will result in some soft metal off, and some will even cause sticking cylinder. So that after boiling, don't immediately turn off, should remain idle.

Three bogey: when the engine temperature is too high, pour cold water poured engine
Car launch forget to add cooling water temperature has been found to be too high, so he to the engine block, cylinder head and poured cold water to cool. Little do they know the consequences are serious, may cause the engine block because the quenching burst, causing irreparable consequences. Engine temperature will overshoot bad head gasket, burn Bush, machinery accidents; temperature is too high, causing the intake air drops, power is reduced; the tank boil, boiling coolant evaporation overflow; Launch X431 CResetter II or Launch Creader VII tool test showed that the engine will meet the various components gap decreases, increased wear and reduce engine life.

How to prevent the engine temperature is too high in summer

Four bogey: bogey water tire cooling when the temperature is too high
When the tire temperature is high, are due to the installation is not accurate, the speed is too fast and other reasons, but also the hot natural climate caused by. If in tire temperature is high throw cold water is bound to cause fetal internal structure due to sudden changes, resulting in the deformation matrix inside each ply between a, cause early damage to the tire, even the cord stripping. In addition, should also pay attention to the tire pressure and temperature, otherwise easy to explode accident. Once burst, light affects the speed; that will have a serious accident. During the rest of the journey, check the tire temperature and pressure in time. If it is found that the tire temperature, tire pressure is too high, can not take deflation and pour cold water on the way, should choose the shade, parking, the tire temperature, pressure drop of natural; such as wading, should be tire temperature decreasing after wading to prevent tire early damage.

Hot summer temperatures, in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, it should pay attention to the following points: 1 plus sufficient cooling water; 2. Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool to check the thermostat is normal. 3. driving in the instructions and pay attention to water temperature readings, requires no more than 95 ℃. 4. In exceptional circumstances, in order to strengthen the cooling air convection, can lift the hood to facilitate ventilation.