Engine wear will affect its normal operation, the heavy will cause the engine to a shorter life. So, on the vehicle maintenance, wear control is essential to take appropriate means of automobile engine. So to reduce engine wear, need which the check engine?

High quality oil
The engine is running, the internal metal surface of the cylinder at high speeds of several hundred degrees Celsius environment, mutual friction, inevitably leading to wear of the engine; especially for a long continuous operation and the load and heavy trucks, may produce wear sex even higher. High-quality oil can effectively control engine wear, not only that, it can effectively suppress the generation of carbon and sludge, thereby controlling impurities within the oil channel surface wear and tear on the engine.

maintained car engine

Ensure that the water, oil in the normal state
Want to make a smaller engine wear, the need to always concerned about the state of the water / oil dashboard. In general, the water temperature should be controlled at about 80 degrees Celsius is appropriate, and the oil pressure gauge is displayed as 1 kg if traveling in the slow, shown as 4-5 pounds of oil pressure is normal Express travel. If some vehicles with engine oil pressure light, respect and pay attention to the oil pressure light is illuminated, lit it indicates that the state is not normal, the driver will need to attract attention, car maintenance should be carried out immediately.

maintained car engine

Develop good driving habits
Poor driving habits of engine damage is very large, to control the speed while driving, proper coordination of engine speed and gear control, avoid low-speed, high-grade low speed. In addition, the vehicle should be kept constant speed, driving the process to avoid Bigfoot throttle, brakes Bigfoot, not to change lanes frequently. Usually for a truck to run high-speed road, the 80 km / h is more fuel-efficient, safe speed.

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