Electric vehicle mainly consists of three parts electric drive systems, power systems, and auxiliary systems, electric vehicle systems the main circuit power supply system needs to be installed to protect high-current fuses to ensure timely primary line short circuit cut off the power, you can use auto diagnostic tools to detect and avoid damage to the battery and prevent the vehicle from overheating circuit caused the fire and other accidents.

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Power supply system includes a battery, power management system and charger, and battery power system protection to avoid damage when subjected to a short circuit is particularly important during the battery protection fuse choice when you need to know the following use conditions for proper Fuse Selection:

a) the maximum system voltage value

b) rms current in the primary circuit

c) overload current and frequency and time overload

d) After the failure of the entire loop time constant L / R

e) the expected short-circuit fault current size

According to the current use of the electric vehicle industry fuses, maximum system voltage is 700VDC most models are generally less, there are a few models will be slightly higher than this voltage, fuse protection for the battery can be divided into two kinds of 500VDC and 700VDC Lord, the current level of more to 200A ~ 400A.

A50QS and A70QS quick fuse is a fuse to protect the use of electric vehicle batteries, which has a small, easy to install, fast breaking, anti-overload and other characteristics, safety, full compliance with the requirements of electric vehicles and conditions.

In electric vehicles the main circuit box and a high-voltage power distribution, its output is mainly connected to the car auxiliary power systems, power distribution inside the box under normal circumstances would include electric heating fans slip, air-conditioning compressor branch, DC / DC slip and slip charger.

This 4 support on the road, to be installed on each branch circuit protection fuses aimed at each load short-circuit protection circuit can be promptly cut off the power to prevent a vehicle fire. This line protection fuse several choices available, especially air conditioning branch fuse choice is particularly difficult, because there will be a large influx of starting current instant start when the air conditioning compressor, if often fuse according to the general selection method occur during normal use of air conditioning fuse malfunction, affect the use, so the air conditioning branch fuses for overcurrent must be considered, leaving an appropriate margin, to avoid false choice. If the primary use of Launch X431 V Pro and Launch X431 Diagun III in the main circuit to detect battery protection, to avoid traffic accidents.