What to do when leaking phenomenon appeared in the car radiator? And what to do if the phenomenon still existed when having your car checked on the Auto Repair Store or changed a new radiator? Well, keep calm and you may have new discoveries if undertaking from the following aspects.

repair car water leaking

1. Check whether the cover of the radiator has been fastened.

2. Try to fill gas into the water tank, and see where the water will penetration out when under pressed. You can also use an Autel Diagnostic Tool such as the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 to have a full checking for the radiator and then choose the repair resolution.

3. Screw the lid of the oil engine and see whether there is oil emulsification trace (punch or erosion phenomenon), if yes, open the engine and change the cylinder cushion.

repair car water leaking

4. Quality Problem of the Radiator
If the water leaking brought by the water pipe burst of automobile vibration or the traffic accident when driving your car, you can take measures according to the specific circumstances.

4.1 Add a bottle of radiator powerful plugging agent to the water tank if the leak is less than 1 mm cracks or 2 mm holes, and the try to star your car.

4.2 Open the cooling water and after circulating for 5~10 minutes, either the water tank or the rubber hose and the various pads, it will stop leaking where there is leakage(or antifreeze), and you no need to release it after the leaking water has been stopped, for it won’t affect the heat dissipation and the clogging.

4.3 If no taking with the plugging agent, and for the slight leakage of individual radiator pipe, you can instead it of the tobacco, after taking use of the water pressure, the tobacco will be blocked in the leakage of the radiator pipe for a temporary use.

repair car water leaking

4.4 If the leaking of the radiator pipe is serious, you can cut it down from the leaking and stem it with the cotton filed that is painted with soap, and then pinch, edge and press the top of the radiator pipe that has been cut down, and the leaking will stop.

4.5 As for the leakage of the rubber hose joint, you can timely twine 2 circles of the pipe clamp on the rubber pipe with a screwdriver. And if the rubber pipe was damaged, you can gain a temporary use for binding it up of the rupture with the tape.

If still can not be solved with your car problem, we suggest you come to a car repairing online store to have a full diagnosis for your car, especially for a new car owner, and then you will no worry about not knowing where there is wrong with your car.