Before trying to repair the car you have to always wear goggles, when necessary, still need to wear the PPE personal protective equipment, such as latex gloves or closed type shoes. Keep in mind that petrol is highly combustible, and when you are ready to deal with the fuel system to ensure that there is a fire extinguisher and Auto Diagnostic Tool, to prohibit smoking, to ensure that the fire away from the car or fuel tank, must be careful when working.

How to replace the fuel filter

1. To park the car on a solid plane.

2. Reduce pressure fuel system (fuel injection systems operate at very high pressure environment, the need to reduce pressure), follow these steps:
(A). Loosen the valve cover to reduce the fuel system pressure
(B). Remove the fuel pump relay or fuse (according to your owner's manual operation)

3. Start the engine until you run out of the pipeline gas engine stop.

4. To find the position of the fuel filter, which is generally below the engine or the fuel tank. If necessary, you can use the jack to lift the car, and from the fuel filter out of the oil pipeline.

Note: The old car carburetor, the oil pipe is hose with spring. The new injection type engine, the oil pipeline and the clip together, or the quick lock connector, require special Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 V+ Pro3 tools to remove.

How to replace the fuel filter

5. Remove the mounting bolts of the fuel filter, fuel filter can be removed then.

6. Compare whether the new fuel filter and removed type is consistent, confirmed after installing a new fuel filter, pay attention to ensure its leading to the engine, can filter retaining bolt installation confirmation.

7. connected to the pipeline and install the fuel pump fuse.

8. Re connecting the battery box, and you can lower the car after it is finished.

How to replace the fuel filter

9. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

Note: Due to the lack of fuel, the engine may not start immediately, but with the fuel pressure increase the engine will start.

10. The actual driving cars, using Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool to check whether the engine is weak.