Do you meet problems about SPX Autoboss V30 Elite Scanner? SPX Autoboss V30 Elite Scanner is a super diagnostic tool, which supports quickly access vehicles. But it maybe also have troubles. Today I will show you how to solve problems met in SPX Autoboss V30 Elite Scanner.

SPX V30 Elite Scanner's comparision function can compare the learned values against the vehicle you are working on and highlight values which are out of range. When it comes to read and clear fault codes, it goes far beyond and access the complete vehicle, including: drive line, body, chassis, and the networking/communication modules.

Recently, there are some feedbacks about Autoboss V30 elite, system prompt "can only use the demo version". Do you also have such problems? How to solve this problem? So next let's we see how to solve this problem.

1. Please find a computer without Anti-virus software and other additional softwares.

2. Take out of the sd card from the main unit of Autoboss, then copy the information inside sd card to the computer, then format the card.

3. Open the upgrade tool, to update program of the device to the sd card.

4. Read the serial number to see if the serial number is the same as the labels behind. (Read serial number is the activation steps we tell you)

5. Take a picture of serial number have read to show us and take a picture of sn number (behind device) to show us.

After reading the solution, do you think it is easy to operate? Actually, when you meet the problem, first, not to be panic, calm down you will find the solution.