Launch X431 Diagun III Frequent Questions and Answers

About Vehicle Coverage:
Q: Can Diagun III support 24V diesel cars?
A: No, Diagun 3 only supports 12V diesel cars not trucks, vans.  It can operate on vehicles with 12V / 24V gasoline.

Q: Is it possible to Asian cars made in Africa?
A: Yes, it can support.

Q: Does diagun III support OBD2 protocol after 1997?
A: Yes, it only supports OBD2 car after 1997.

Q: Does it support GM Brazil?
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: What is the vehicle protocol can he do? Only OBD2 port
A: DiagunI III can do both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles.

About the software:
Q: Where can I see the software informations?
A: You can check the software information site.

Q: What is your dealer code?
A: The dealer code is 86A.

Q: Can I download the software in Sweden?
A: You can download the software in Sweden after we activate the authority for you.

Q: Can I use the software in Chile?
A: We can enable the authority for you and you can use it.

Q: How long will it take to enable the authority?
A: It will take 1-2 working days to activate.

Q: How much will to take the software?
A: The software is free. Go to dbscar band to download software.

Q: diagun  3 open  software or language  before sending  to me?  Can I use  it right after I get it?
A: Before sending to our customers, we will send  you the serial number of the item to  run the company  for the opening  of the  authorization. When you  get your new appliance, please provide your serial number, the country you will be using and  the language you require  to our customer  service, we will  actively product  for  you.  Active   takes  24  to  48   hours.  Then  you  can  save   the information on  the official  website and  download the software  or update  the software in the future.

Q: I registered but can not download the software (limited IP), why?
A: You should wait 24-48 hours to activate.

About the function:
Q: Does Diagun 3 support of all car ABS and SRS?
A: Diagun 3 is able to diagnose the complete system of 72 vehicle models.

Q: Can Diagun III replace?
A: Diagun III  is the new generation  of diagun, it is  best to diagun. Because it can handle both gasoline and diesel cars

Q: Is it possible to program keys?
A: Some of our customers also use it to make key programming, but it needs a PIN, but you can have a try.

Q: What is the difference between it and X431 IV?
A: Launch X431 iv  can be argued that the  12V diesel cars, but can diagun  III 12V  / 24V  diesel  cars.  It can  not  even  what is  the  best.  X431 Diagun  III contains Bluetooth, you  can connect with your  car via Bluetooth or  cable. He even car  models  X431 IV,  both can  be updated  online.  X431 IV  inside the printer, x431 diagun iii need buy printer separately.

Q: Can you diagnose via Bluetooth, or simply transfer?
A: Yes, it can dignose not only by a thread, but can also via Bluetooth.

Q: Can  we make Benz  / BMW oil  reset, engine, airbag,  abs, automatic gear box code and reset, coding, adjust idle?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: What is the Bluetooth range?
A: About 100M.

Q: Is there a function beside diagnosis?
A: Apart from diagnosis, Diagun 3 can also clear the fault code of the ABS.

Q: Does the Bluetooth functions the same as the cable, do I need to configure before using it?
A: Yes, they are the same and must be put in place.

Q: This tool can read DTCs, read Datastream, actuation test, sensor waveformdisplay and ECU coding ... ..?
A:  He  can  not  read  DTCs,  read  data  stream,  the  actuation  test,  sensor waveform display, but it is not for the coding of the ECU.

About Language:
Q: Can support Polish?
A: No, Diagun 3 does not support Polish. It supports French, Spanish, English, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Korean.

Q: Can support Arabic?
A: Sorry, it does not support Arabic, it only supports French, Spanish,  English, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Korean.

Q: How many languages can I open at the same time?
A: You can open both English and the language you want to use.

About the service:
Q: copying launch or original?
A: It is the initial product launch. We are authorized dealer.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: We offer a year warranty and lifetime technical support.

About update:
Q: Is the update free Diagun 3?
A: We offer one year Free updates online. You had to pay for the upgrade after a year.

About accessories:
Q: Can I buy a Idiag connector for backup of my diagun iii dbscar connector if it is broken or lost?
A: X431 Diagun iii DBSCAR for is not the same as Idiag X431 connector; they are different products.

Q: Diagun 3 contains red and yellow box in the package?
A: Yes. Both red and yellow box are included in the package.
Q: Last week, I put the  CF card to my computer to back up  files, I copied and pasted. And I  re-inserted CF card  in my diagun  iii he asked  me to insert  the card into  diagnostic diagun  iii before  running the  program. The  files can  be seen on the CF card when in  my computer, but not on diagun iii. The CF card ole worked well, but this new CF card has failed, why?
A: The software is not  just copied and pasted it needs you  to update your CF card

Q: How many hours the battery last?
A: The battery lasts about 10 hours.