Many drivers see lubricant color black, they think oil quality has been a serious deterioration, and replace it, resulting in waste. Normally, car oil at just replaced, color is golden yellow, are generally will added clean dispersant, the purpose is to wash the adhesion and black carbon deposition film on the piston down and dispersed in oil, reduce engine generate high temperature deposits, so the use of lubricants colors tend to darken after a period of time, but this time the oil does not deteriorate, the use of oil is serious deterioration, needs to be replaced by the Auto Diagnostic Tool can determine whether the need to replace, is not observed the oil color black, concludes that need to be replaced lubricant.

Lubricating oil color black

Under normal circumstances, regardless of any brand of lubricating, its life cycle can be maintained at more than 5,000 km, to the 8000 km -10 000 kilometers need to replace oil. Only when the long-term bad driving habits, such as frequent Jicha, refueling too fast, the speed at 3000 rpm or more frequently, oil change intervals will advance.

After a period of time, engine oil the color will gradually darken, why lubricant color will change to black?
First, the fuel in the olefin content, sulfur content is high (gasoline engine is easy to form sludge, diesel engines easy to form smoke stains), easy to make the engine oil black, and thus fuel quality is the source of oil black.

Second, the different structure and working conditions of the engine, it is easy to make gasoline engine oil sludge generated, form smoke stains incomplete combustion of diesel engine, thus lubricant turning black, you can use a Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 Diagun III tools to check these phenomena.

Third, In order to overcome the fuel and mechanically induced results, lubricating oil to adding dispersant to prevent sludge or smoke stains on the cylinder formation deposited in the film or the body, the higher the quality of the oil, dispersed better, but oil is volatile black, so high quality oil, than the poor oil variable black faster.

Fourth, Oil color black produced sludge is related to launch a pilot time overly high temperature operation, and not to clean the engine when the car in the oil and oil bottom, associated with the filterability of oil filter.

Lubricating oil color black

Engine oil replacement time, premature cause lubricating oil waste, too late will increase engine wear and shorten engine life and maintenance cycle, so you need to use Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool to check the engine. The deterioration degree of lubricant has relationship with the performance of automobile, repair technology, driving level, road and weather condition, lubricant quality, etc, uniform regulations drain intervals sometimes not entirely realistic. If after a period of use of lubricants appear dimmed color, white, indicating filling oil mixed with water, which emulsion occurs. The basic properties of lubricants has been completely lost, the engine cooling system and combustion system for leaks, should not continue to use.