Automotive shock absorber is used to suppress the shock of spring when the shock and the impact from the pavement. The spring can be used to filter the vibration of the pavement, but the spring itself will have a reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump. Through Auto Diagnostic Tool checking, the shock absorber is too soft, the body will be jumping up and down, shock absorber is too hard will bring too much resistance, interfere with the normal work of the shock absorber. Teach you how to maintain the working effect of shock absorber and how to check it.

Maintenance and inspection method of automobile shock absorber

1, Oil seal gasket, sealing gasket rupture damage, storage cylinder cover nut loose. May be oil seal, seal gasket damage, should be replaced with new seals. If you still can not eliminate oil leakage, should pull out spring strut, if feel the card or not at that time, light and heavy, then, using the gap between Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 Diagun III tool to check the piston and cylinder is too large, shock absorber piston connecting rod for bending, the piston connecting rod surface and the cylinder have scratches or marks.

2, Press firmly on the bumper, then release, if the car has 2 or 3 times to jump, then the shock absorber works well.

3, when the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the car more intense vibration, there is something wrong with the shock absorber.

4, Remove the shock absorber to its upright, and the lower end of the connecting ring folder on the vise, pull compression damping lever several times, then there should be a stable resistance, pull up resistance should be greater than pressed down resistance, such as resistance to unstable or no resistance may be internal shock absorber valve parts lacking fuel or damage should be repaired or replaced.

Maintenance and inspection method of automobile shock absorber

5, in determining the shock absorber problem or failure, should first check the shock absorber for leaks or traces of old oil spills.

6, To make the car drive 10km on the poor condition of roads on the road parking, touch the shock absorber shell, if not very hot, no resistance in the shock absorber, shock absorber does not work. At this point, can be added to the appropriate lubricating oil, and then test, if the shell fever, for the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should refuel; otherwise, the shock absorber failure.

7, if the damper does not leak phenomenon, should check the shock absorber connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, rubber bushings and other damage, sealing off, break or fall off place. If these were normal, should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large cylinder with or without injury, the valve seal is good, the valves and valve seat are tight fitting and Save Dilatation shock absorber spring is too soft or broken, take grinding to repair or replace parts of the approach according to the situation.

8, In addition, shock absorber in actual use will rattle the fault, which is mainly due to the shock absorber and the steel plate spring and frame or shaft of the collision, the rubber pad damage or loss and damper dust-proof cylinder deformation, caused by insufficient oil should be to identify the reasons, to be repaired.

9, shock absorbers after the inspection, repair should be in a special test stand performance test, when the resistance frequency at 100 ± 1mm, which stretch stroke and stroke compression resistance should meet the requirements, showed normal shock absorber.

Maintenance and inspection method of automobile shock absorber

I suggest that you use by bumper way to check on how the working conditions of the shock absorber. Because this approach is simple and relatively less time-consuming, but also very intuitive and accurate test results. You should regularly check the shock absorbers have no oil leakage, and if there is leakage oil will affect its work, should go to 4S shop use professional Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tools for maintenance.