Oil filter is one of the four filters, the other three filters were air filter, air conditioning filter and fuel filter, oil filter is filtering effect of oil impurities to protect the engine does not suffer wear, You can use OBD Diagnostic Tool to check whether the engine is wearing.

Oil filter working principle and type

Oil filters filter principle can be divided into three categories: mechanical separation, centrifugation and magnetic attraction.

Mechanical separation according to its function and form can be divided into pure mechanical separation, aerial separation and adsorption separation, purely mechanical separation of common mesh filter, on the surface of the filter material has a certain size of holes, the oil of solid particles, the size is greater than the holes will be blocked on the filter material appearance, aerial separation is first attached to one or several small particles size is greater than their cavity the filter material on the inner wall of the cavity size smaller, then the particle because not pile up in the past, the formation of aerial phenomena, the filtering particle size smaller than the cavity size. Since the majority of particles in the oil is irregular, so overhead phenomenon is easy to form. And colloidal substances in the oil, use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro tools inspection found that often adhesion on the surface or the inner wall of the cavity, the filter material is the adsorption separation.

The centrifugal separation is a rotor that causes the oil to rotate through a high speed, and the impurity in the oil is thrown to the inner wall of the rotor and thus separated from the oil.

Magnetic adsorption is the permanent magnet will be oil in the iron particle adsorption over. Don't let them in oil cycle back and forth, mechanical damage.

On filter classification, generally have the following methods:
1. According to the filter structure form classification: is there a wound rotor, scraping plate, etc.

2. By filtration fineness Classification: surface filtration and depth filtration.

3. After filtering way classification: surface filter and depth.

4. Arranged in the lubrication system by way of classification: a full-flow and bypass type.

Generally recommended 5000km replacement of oil filter, specific according to actual Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool inspection data to decide.