Many owners like to say fill full when fill oil, usually come added to jump the gun, always want to continue oil into the tank, in order to scrape together a integer. Do you know? Through Auto Diagnostic Tool check data show that gas tank is too full can damage the car, and there are serious damage, there are four points of damage:

Oil tank

1, easy to cause fire
If you add too full of oil, oil is easy to overflow from the tank vent. A waste of gasoline, in case of spilled gasoline encounter fire, it is easy to fire, threatening the safety of life!

2, easily cause clogging of the vent
Once the vent plug, it will generate a negative pressure within the fuel tank, causing oil to poor, even for non-oiled. Car situation appears just after the addition was complete oil beat the fire engine, or a jump a jump phenomenon at high speeds, it is possible that due to the gas tank too full due.

3, canister constitute a hazard
Into the carbon canister is a liquid rather than a gas vapor, carbon canister would constitute a hazard. The canister is to reduce vehicle fuel tank, carburetor gasoline evaporation apparatus matter emissions. Through the Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 Diagun III tool check normal carbon tank should be above 50000 km, but after the immersion, immediately scrapped!

4, volatile gasoline easy carcinogenic
The activated carbon canister, generally near the outer circulation air inlet, when the oil is too full, canister saturation, pressure too high and pressure relief exhaust, containing gasoline constituents of air into the compartment, uncomfortable "gasoline" always around you. Oil and gas components have been confirmed to contain benzene and other carcinogens, if every time so that the car refueling, through Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool checks show will increase the risk of cancer.