In long time of using, inevitably, some fault will appear with your car, let alone the used-car. Especially, the tires, fuel consumption and the brake system are the easiest position with the hidden safe trouble. For more detailed information about the car safety we suggest you to go for an Auto Diagnostic Tool Online Store for help, for there are lots of useful tool for diagnosing you car. So, how to deal with these situations? And what’s the true maintaining method for the common fault with the second-hand cars? Now let’s have a look at it.

Common Fault 1: Tires broken by foreign body

Car Common Fault Repair Methods

Tire is the easiest position for wearing and damaged. Especially when driving on the mountain roads, the tires will often be broke by stone or iron nail. For convenience, most car owners tend to have it repaired on the small repair store on the road. In fact, this kind of method can only temporarily remedy it, once driving on the highway, there may be a large hidden trouble for your safe. We suggest you to have it mended with a special repair store, for they have the special diagnostic tools such as the Autel MaxiDas DS708 and Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P which can have a full checking for your car. Besides, there are also special tools for removing the tires, and it will be much safer when heating with the special vulcanizing machine.

Common Fault 2: Fuel Consumption Increased

Car Common Fault Repair Methods

After a long time using, many car owners will find the fuel consumption has increased by 10% suddenly, while not clear with the reason. In fact, the increasing with the fuel consumption also indicates the appearing of the potential problems. This is the first reason that should be understood with the fast potential problems, and then you can have it better solved. Of course, there are many elements for the increasing with the fuel consumption, for example, the engine revolutions will be lost with the slip of the clutch, which will lead to a sudden increasing of the fuel consumption. And you should change the clutch pressure plate and the drive wheels in time.

Common Faults 3: Brake System Failed

Car Common Fault Repair Methods

Brake system failed includes: too long with the brake pedal stroke, slow braking effect, low braking efficiency and even lost, increased braking distance. For the sake of much safer driving, we suggest you to use either a Launch X431 PADII or the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master tool to test the braking system of your car after a long time using. In view of it, there are three methods for eliminating the faults. Continuously trample the brake pedal, if ratchet up with the pedal and is elastic, while will also very low when trampling again after a pause. It is because there is air in the braking system, and then you should exhaust for the braking system. On the other hand, if it still can’t work well with trampling for once time, and then more, it will be better, it is usually because  of a too large brake pedal free stroke or brake clearance. This time you should to adjust the pedal free stroke and then check the brake clearance, and repair the brake disintegration if necessary.

Well, for the all sorts of small faults, it must not be ignored, for it is reminding you of the hidden safety trouble with your car. Timely solved or changed, it will not only ensure a much safer travelling, but also prolong the life of the vehicle. So, please attach importance to it.