Check the car before departure
First check wiper. The best is to put every gear wiper try them and see if it is working properly; Also, pay attention to the wiper blade wiper usually used in negative net, if not clean, then we must be replaced. If the wiper failure because of driving rain, it is prone to accidents.

Rainy day road safety matters needing attention

Moreover, the kind of severe tire wear is hidden driving rain, so the tires before driving to note whether there is normal wear and tear.

How to remove the mist produced by the process of moving the car windshield?
The most common method is to turn on the air. This is because the cool air is blown onto the glass, a "cold film" is formed on the surface of the glass to prevent carbon dioxide condensed on the glass, play a defogging effect. You can also buy the auto parts store or fogging dehazers towels. Defogging agent is sprayed onto the glass surface within an automobile, and wipe clean, clear glass in the dirt while also forming a thin transparent protective film on a glass, to prevent the water vapor mist is formed on the glass layer condensation.

Rainy day road safety matters needing attention

What to pay attention to when it rains stop?
First of all, do not stop the rain, air conditioning. In rainy days, when the low-speed parking, gasoline by water vapor, temperature, engine speed and other effects are not able to fully burn. When the car is stopped but the air conditioning did remain open, but the car is still in the closed state of the doors and windows, interior air convection can not, if the engine exhaust carbon monoxide leaking into the car, and it will gradually build up concentration, leading to poisoning and even death of adverse consequences. Secondly, do not stop at stop unsafe in high winds, heavy rain location trees, billboards, telephone poles, walls, etc. Do not stop at the low-lying area, such as tunnel hole, pothole zone, downhill, under the overpass, etc., so the car was flooded.

Rainy day road safety matters needing attention

After driving the car in the rain should be how to care?
First, the car dehumidification. Should open the cold when it rains, it can not only remove the mist, as well as dehumidification function. The rain stopped even have to pay attention, to get rid of as soon as possible the accumulation of moisture, or prone to mildew and other conditions.

Second, the car sterilization. Rain as temperatures and other factors, relatively easy to breed a variety of bacteria, so the interior space disinfection sterilization is particularly important. Focus on clean corners everywhere.

Third, the conservation of the chassis. Owners can conduct a "sealed plastic chassis", which enables chassis and isolated, to corrosion, rust, noise function, can effectively extend the life of the body.

Fourth, check the brake. Because of the braking system has a very strong adhesive force, rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, it will affect the braking effect, may cause serious Zhidongshiling. For the treatment of this condition, the rain to a professional auto repair shop on the brake system checked.

Some auto diagnostic tools will help you test out your vehicle on your own, for example: Launch X431 IV, Launch X431 Pro3, Autel MaxiSys MS908, Autel MaxiDas DS708 and so on.