In the big city in the congestion of the car, the vehicle before and after the gap is basically less than one meter, and the slope of the overpass is very large, parking brake is particularly important. However, due to various reasons, the handbrake will appear when no use. In the daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle, don't forget to use Auto Diagnostic Tool to check the performance of regular handbrake.

Regular maintenance and check car handbrake

First, determine the operating position of the handbrake lever. Generally, when the handle is pulled three-quarters of the entire trip, the hand brake system should be in a normal brake position. Should first find out the work point, the general 5~7 case is normal position. Then check the brake mechanism efficiency, also is have a look handbrake to work effectively. The car drove up to the steep, good road conditions of the slope, step on the brake pedal, the neutral gear, pull the hand brake handle to just to determine the position of. Slowly loosen the brake pedal, if the car did not happen sliding, that means the hand brake performance is good.

Check the handbrake sensitivity, since it is very important to the slope. On flat roads slow driving, slowly pulling handbrake handle and feel the sensitivity and the junction of the handle. If it is found that the brake braking efficiency or sensitivity is not ideal, can regulate the handbrake thread through Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 GDS tools to solve.

Regular maintenance and check car handbrake

Adjust the hand brake wire. If found in the test the brake is not sensitive, can be solved by adjusting the handbrake arrows, below the hand brake handle with an adjustable compensation institution. Adjust the need to remove the handle decoration cover first, then use tools to adjust the length of stay, in order to ensure the hand brake is in the best working state.

Ordinary driving, the handbrake usage is very high, but the handbrake is not universal insurance, its performance will decline with the increase of using the number of times. Most of the time, because the system failure or improper use and don't effect, this is also the major hidden danger of the accident, so owners should regularly use the Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 or Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 tools maintenance check handbrake.