Automobile shock absorber is one of the key parts of the car body, for driving safety is very important. With a period of time, be sure to use OBD Diagnostic Tool to check the shock absorber, timely repair and maintenance.

Regularly check car shock absorber

Car shock absorber if there has a leakage phenomenon, for the shock absorber is concerned, is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing. So, once the discovery of oil spills, we must make timely remedial measures. Focus of the inspection items in the oil seal, seal gasket rupture damage, storage cylinder cover, check the failure of these parts of the nut loose.

If discover leak, first tighten nut cylinder lid, but if shock absorber still leak oil, may be damage of oil seal, seal gasket failure, a new seals should be replaced. If still can't eliminate the oil spill, should pull out of the damping rod, if feel the hairpin or weight, reuse Launch X-431 PADII or Launch X431 IV GX4 tool to check whether the clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, with or without shock absorber piston rod bending the piston connecting rod surface and the cylinder have scratches or marks.

Regularly check car shock absorber

If the damper does not leak phenomenon, should check the damper connecting pins, connecting rods, connecting hole, rubber bushings and other damage, sealing off, break or fall off place. If these were normal, should be further decomposed damper, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large, cylinder with or without injury, the valve seal is good, whether the valve flap and the valve seat fitting closely, and whether the presence of shock absorber spring is too soft, or broken, grinding according to the circumstance or change a way to repair.

In addition, the shock absorber in the actual use of the sound of the failure, which is mainly due to shock absorber and leaf springs, frame or axle, rubber pad damage or fall off as well as the shock absorber tube deformation, oil shortage and other reasons, should identify the reasons, to be repaired.

Shock absorber in the inspection after repair, then use the AUTOBOSS V30 Elite or Xtool PS2 tool to check shock absorber performance, in order to ensure the maintenance effect is good, to ensure the normal use.