Due to the popularity of cars, so many people will be familiar to car maintenance, but some people are not very understanding, so the use of Auto Diagnostic Tool maintenance vehicles, for some small details do not in place.

Replace the automobile ATF fluid matters needing attention

Replace automatic gearbox transmission fluid, it is often said that ATF fluid. Most of the cars are highly sophisticated automatic transmission power transmission device, mostly controlled by computer, equipped with a lot of precision components: torque converter, a sun gear, a planetary gear and a complex and fine oil passages and, it is very sensitive to temperature changes and other pollutants. If there is no maintenance, automatic transmission will be difficult and other gear shift. And most of the automatic transmission failure is caused by the transmission fluid pollution.

In the replacement of transmission fluid will generally in hydraulic variable torque converter and transmission cooling pipe is provided with a residual, and the residual amount is more, even with the new then residues were old contamination. In this case the use of automatic transmission cleaning agent completely remove the old fluid, to ensure that no residual old transmission fluid, can completely replace the new transmission fluid.

Under normal circumstances, each driving 50,000 kilometers, it should be connected to the device and the car's power, and the use of the Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 V+ Pro3 adapter to connect the device and the transmission cooling tube. Start the car and let the engine is running at idle, then add the automatic transmission cleaner, slam the brakes, in order to remove harmful substances, and one by one, replace all gear of the automatic transmission, and finally with the help of automatic transmission oil equipment comprehensive replacement.

Replace the automobile ATF fluid matters needing attention

If you want an automatic transmission protective agent is added, it is preferably added in the proportion of 5% of this, If it is used for a long time, then it is best to add some stop leakage, to prevent the aging of transmission seals can also achieve the purpose of preventing leakage.

So, for the transmission fluid is a small thing, which can be a lot of things to note, the owner replaced when we must pay more attention to, and need to use professional Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 or XTOOL VAG401 tools to detect car.