1. The correct oil, the use of clean fuel.

Seven great advice of Automotive Engineers

2. Vehicles will be in time scrapped and updates.

3. Does not change the vehicle and cause chaos emissions exception.

4. The normal use of the car, don't the degree of speeding, overloading, avoid rapid acceleration, constant speed driving as much as possible.

Seven great advice of Automotive Engineers

5. Periodic maintenance. It turns out that the car maintenance car emissions quality is very important. Some car factory emissions when qualified, but the course will appear this kind of problem that requires maintenance; make their car in a good running condition. Maintenance is not timely; it will result in high emissions due to more pollution. Such as: ground investigation automotive ignition systems, to detect leaks, check the choke, check the air ducts, use a clean filter, avoiding the burning of oil, avoid the use of low-grade lubricants.

Seven great advice of Automotive Engineers

OBD Code system malfunction repaired promptly. Vehicle inspection once a year for automobile emissions control role is limited. But after installing the OBD car is completely different, and it can always monitor the emission levels of vehicles. Once released, if not standard, OBD warning will be issued promptly notify the driver to repair. Euro Ⅲ most critical is to use OBD.

6. Select the "green tire". The so-called "green tire" also known as environmental tire or low pollution tires.

Seven great advice of Automotive Engineers

"Green" mainly kept in the case when a good grip without losing its original performance, lower tire rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, effectively protect the environment. Back in the 1990s, tire engineers discovered that if you use special treatment to replace the traditional carbon black, silica tread rubber as a reinforcing material can not only reduce carbon black in tires and carcinogenic aromatic oils contaminated by tire wear air, and tire rolling resistance also become smaller, lower fuel consumption, emissions reduction, and greater environmental effects.

7. To reduce vehicle pollution. Do not be free to interior decoration; not inferior car perfume or air freshener; encountered serious traffic jam, or follow the vehicle exhaust emissions may be excessive, you should close the window, the air conditioner, heater switch to the car from the circulation patterns; regularly check the engine cover and chassis leaks when there is gas leak found in the car, not the open air, not to sleep in the open air car, to avoid danger.

When using the air conditioning will be sucked into a lot of dust, the formation of dirt, over time, mildew, and then distribute to the car through the air conditioning in the car easily inhaled, every once in a while, the air conditioner to maximum block, blowing on half an hour can effectively prevent dust accumulation; note near the mouth of the intake items removed to ensure normal air circulation and so on.

Some vehicle diagnostic tools will help you test out your vehicle on your own, for example: Launch X431 V Pro, Launch X431 Pro3, Autel MaxiSys MS908 and so on.