For most of car owners, the spare tire is probably the one of the most unusual objects of a car, in view of it, when doing the tire maintenance, they tend to ignore to test and maintain the spare tire. Little imagine, even the spare tire is not commonly used, it often plays an important role at a crucial moment. Well, how to make a full checking and maintenance for your loved car? We sincerely suggest you to go for an OBD Diagnostic Tool Online Shop for help, where there is sure to be kinds of tools that you can choose to diagnosis your car, as well as will save more money for you than having your car checked in a repair store.

Spare Tire Maintenance

Regularly check whether there is wear
Usually, during the maintenance or before driving, few car owners tend to check the spare tire of their car, which makes it evaded, and hardly to play an important role at critical moments. In fact, the role of the spare tire is crucial, especially at long-distance driving at a high speed.

Spare Tire Maintenance

In general, as to the testing of the spare tire, it mainly includes checking the tire pressure and whether there is abrasion and crack. And you can make it with the help of a kind of Car Diagnostic Tool, such as the Autel MaxiSys MS908 and Launch X431 V Pro Automotive Diagnostic, etc. Before the tire reached up to the wear mark line, you should replace the tires as soon as possible. If there is a tiny crack at the sidewall, you can not use it to run long distance or at a high-speed driving, because the tire is thinner, high-speed will make the tire flat.

When using tire, pressure should be adjusted
In order to keep the shape and the use, when storing a spare tire, it is usually different from the common used tires on the choosing of the pressure. In general, the low pressure tire is between 2.0 to 2.5, while the spare tire is between 2.5 to 3.0, so it is not qualified, after changing the spare tire, you should look for professionals to adjust the air pressure, otherwise, it can not be normal used.

Spare Tire Maintenance

Moreover, the spare tire should not be used for a long time to replace the common used tires. Because a long time use may have a certain influence on the vehicle braking system, steering system and suspension system, as a result, it will bring huge hidden trouble for driving safety.

Frequently changed
Many car owners will often encounter such a situation: After the puncture, they want to replace the spare tire, but found the spare tire has been serious aging after placed over the years, and already a waste tire. This is mainly because the tire belongs to rubber products, too long a storage time will appear the aging phenomenon. In general, tire aging period will be 4 years or so, therefore, after four years, the spare tire should be replaced.

Tips: How to change the spare tire?
Step 1: Lift up the car with a jack, before the tire divorced from  the ground,  fasten the tighten nut the of the wheel.
Step 2: Continue to lift up the car with a jack after fastening the tighten nut, and after the tire has been fully separated from the ground, remove the original tire of your car.

Step 3: Install the spare tire, according to the order of the diagonal, respectively, put all the fastening nut evenly tighten.

Step 4: Put down the jack and until then the replacing work is over.