In many people think maintenance is to replace the three filters, oil and other consumables. In fact, during operation of the vehicle, many parts are constantly wear, routine maintenance, inspection range well beyond the three filters, oil, brake pads, spark plugs, a lot of places if you usually do not use Auto Diagnostic Tool inspection, maintenance,  maybe there will be a failure. Here is a little common sense of car maintenance in the summer.

Summer car maintenance 6 small common sense

1, air conditioning use
Open air conditioning cycle. In the summer, the temperature is often high, so that the car is just starting to open the air conditioning, it should open all the windows 3-5 minutes, until hot and then drain off the air conditioning, it would play better results. If the engine is in a large load for a long time, it should temporarily turn off air conditioning. Refrigeration and air conditioning when the wind blows up the best, because the cold air to sink, the best choice for the wind blowing side gear block, adjust the air outlet up best. Finally, noting that the former first destination off the air conditioner to reduce odor generation.

2, body care
More rain in summer and autumn, rain acid rain, as well as strong sunlight, as well as the body fell to the surface of the gum can cause corrosion and oxidation of the paint. So to make a body from cleaning, polishing to waxing, sealing the glaze and a series of beauty care is necessary. Even if your body has paint coating, it is also take care about it, wash it.

Summer car maintenance 6 small common sense

3, tire pressure
For tyres must be using Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 PAD tools checked, If the pattern grinding to replace the new tires. Summer tire pressure inside rises as the temperature rises, often have a flat tire accidents while driving speeding, overloading or emergency brake is easy to cause a puncture. Therefore, due to lower tire pressure, or to improve physical properties of tire helium expansion to more stable.

4, the compressor and condenser
After stopping the refrigeration system, every two weeks to make the compressor work more than 10 minutes; To check belt tension periodically compressor; if found frozen oil leakage should be timely treatment; to regularly clean the condenser, to prevent oil, dirt and debris attached to the condenser heat sink.

5, wiper blade
Because many summer rain, automobile wiper frequency of use will be very high, therefore, to strengthen the inspection of the wiper blade is particularly important. In addition to regular inspections, but also pay attention to the cleaning wiper, wiper to prevent the accumulation of dust and impurities affect the wiper effect, or an adverse effect on the windshield before the car. Once the work results of the wiper blade is not ideal, it is necessary to replace the timely repair.

Summer car maintenance 6 small common sense

6, car sterilization
It is very important to do a good job in the work of disinfection of vehicles in spring and summer. Should always open the window ventilation, regular cleaning of car exterior and interior. When you wash, you can use a disinfectant scrub, if you have time you can use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 tool testing. However, we must pay attention to the air disinfection in the car is in the car no one. Disinfection is done, the need to open the window ventilation 5 ~ 6min, the facilities in the compartment with clear water, and then clean the cotton cloth to wipe, so as to remove the residual disinfectant.