Owners enjoy the car brings a variety of fun, and do not forget to do some of the necessary work, take good care of their car, regular use of Auto Diagnostic Tool to detect car, at the same time to avoid the failure of the car itself caused by traffic accidents, and put forward the following maintenance skills:

Summer car maintenance skills

Protect the paint
Sun damage on the car paint, be sure to always wash and periodic waxing. If you want to do more thorough protection work, suggested a glaze or coating paint, paint to wear a protective clothing.

Check the brake
Under rainy wet pavement caused friction coefficient between the tire and the road surface is reduced, particularly at the tread has hydrocephalus, the lower the coefficient of friction, a sensitive braking system is particularly important, so one should always check the brake system.

Spontaneous Fire Prevention
Summer is the high incidence of spontaneous combustion vehicles, it is understood, driver's improper operation or car existence hidden danger is the main cause of car spontaneous combustion. Therefore to use the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 V Pro tool check car oil electric circuit, found that aging line should be timely repairs, to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Summer car maintenance skills

Using air conditioning
Into the car before you open the window ventilated, open the outer loop at the same time, to stay inside the heat discharge after open air conditioning, the cooling effect is better and faster. When the speed is less than 25 km/h, air conditioning should be placed in a lower gear, to prevent the occurrence of lack of electricity and air conditioning. Driving on rainy days, the window glass is fog, the influence line of sight, at this time as long as the direction of the wind will be dispatched to the windshield, open the compressor air conditioning, can be in a few seconds to achieve the purpose of effective mist.

Prevent evaporation
High summer temperatures, oil and water evaporation will increase, and therefore must take the fuel tank cap Gaiyan tubing to prevent oil leakage; always check the water level of the water tank, crankcase oil oil level, height, brake master cylinder within the brake fluid level and inside the battery electrolyte density and liquid level height, etc. Illegal, want to add and adjust in time.

Summer car maintenance skills

Note that "freezing"
In the summer, some people think antifreeze irrelevant, can be replaced with plain tap water, in fact, this approach is wrong. Professional preparation of antifreeze is not only low temperature, high temperature characteristics are particularly good. When high-quality antifreeze approaching 200 ℃ in order to be "boiling." In addition, there are rust-proof antifreeze, cleaning effect. Therefore, the choice of the original antifreeze still summer, it can play a "sunstroke" role.

Prevent puncture
Summer surface temperature is higher, automobile tire using the environment even worse, so be sure to pay attention to doing a good job of inspection and maintenance of the automobile tire, regular use of Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autoboss V30 SPX tools to check the tire pressure, to prevent puncture.