Into the summer, should first of all the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning. Vehicle air conditioning in summer is often used, and air conditioning pipeline cleaning is directly related to the quality of the air inside the car, about the health of the owner. Spring Yang Xu is very easy to plug in the air conditioning radiator, if not timely use Auto tools to clean, will affect use of air conditioning. Recently vehicles to the customer for vehicle detection in the summer, we found a lot of vehicles air conditioning radiator are blocked, this situation is very common, which should attract the attention of car people.

Summer car tire pressure

Rainy summer, when the wheels suddenly down to the water's road, many people first reaction is to hit the brakes, it is prone to danger, "to control the steering wheel is more important and more secure than the brakes." As a veteran driver introduced about their driving experience.

There is a very important point is to maintain a normal tire pressure. High summer temperatures, tire pressure is too high or too low are easy to puncture in the fast-moving, in addition, the tire pressure is too low will make the tire deformation, increased wear, increased fuel consumption and endanger traffic safety. Therefore, the use Autel MaxiScan VAG405 or Autel MaxiDas DS708 special tools to detect, maintain normal tire pressure is particularly important during the summer driving, can not be ignored.