Just fill the oil to the car, not a few days to check the dipstick and found that missed a lot of oil, in normal use appear this kind of problem is not normal phenomenon, called abnormal oil consumption, what are the reasons and how to deal with it? Need to use the Auto Diagnostic Tool?

The cause of the lubricating oil consumption too fast

The reason: the consumption of lubricating oil is divided into two kinds of normal consumption and non normal consumption. Normal consumption is because between the piston and cylinder wall as long as the movement will gap exists, regardless of gap size, there will always be a part of the oil with the up and down movement of the piston is brought into the combustion chamber with the mixture together burn. This normal consumption, the general consumption should be less than fuel consumption 1% or less. You can use the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X431 V Pro tool to check it out.

Non-normal consumption is usually because there is a fault caused by the engine itself. There are three general reasons:

First, the cylinder wall wear gap is too big, lubricating oil through the clearance between the piston and cylinder wall to burn a lot into the combustion chamber. When the tube was evident with blue smoke from the exhaust phenomenon.

Second, the oil pan and oil seals Mifengbuyan, causing oil leakage.

Third, the engine cooling bad, the engine overheated, so a lot of oil and gas generated by the crankcase ventilation tube into the inlet and the mixed gas is burned together.

The cause of the lubricating oil consumption too fast

Thus, if you find that the oil consumption is too fast, the engine of a system failure. To use the Autel MaxiSys MS908 or Autel MaxiDiag Pro MD801 tool to find out the reasons for repair. Of course, if you use some of the inferior oil will also appear to oil consumption too fast. So be sure to use the regular factory production of lubricating oil. In order to avoid the damage caused by engine.