Some car owners may very strange, the same a car, even for the same car, let others open, fuel consumption fell by half! Why do you have a higher fuel consumption than others?

why fuel consumption high when you drive

1, bad habits: rapid acceleration
Personal driving habits have a relatively large impact on gasoline consumption, due to the mechanical design of a variety of styles, you need to run for a period of time will enter a relatively good state. During start-up, hard acceleration, braking and sometimes a good opportunity to reflect performance of the car. Driving this surge will make your fuel consumption, by OBD Diagnostic Tool test data show, it is 2-3 times the normal driving! Best driving speed is preferably maintained at 60-80km / h. And observe the road conditions in advance, it can be done with the throttle control for speed!

2, traffic reasons
This may not have much relationship and driving, but also fuel efficient route choices very important part, sometimes from far away, in the choice of route, try to choose not congested routes, from as short as possible! Only in this way can save more gasoline!

3, trunk mat put too much items
Vehicles carrying too heavy items, will make the fuel consumption is higher than the normal driving fuel consumption of about 2%! It may not seem like a lot, with a long time Many a little make a mickle., so many items, the count is not a small sum of money. So don't put things in the car!

4, pay attention to tire pressure
Some car owners may think that hot summer weather, the tire will Rezhanglengsu, so slightly deflating the tires! Suitable tire pressure for fuel consumption and life of tire is very meaningful! Through the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 V Pro tool test, as long as there is a tire less hit 40Kpa of gas, the life of the tire is reduced by 10000 kilometers, an increase of 3%! If the tire pressure is reduced by 30%, to 40km/h to calculate the words, the fuel consumption will increase by 5%-10%! Therefore, adjust the tire pressure is more important for fuel-efficient terms!

5, engine technology
When buying a car should be aware that some young owners obsessed with appearance of the car, ignoring the fuel consumption and other factors, recommendations in the car before first practical Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tools to detect the car engine, engine technology for fuel-efficient advantage whether performance excellence. This is also very important!