Function one, lubrication. Fuel additives replacing lead to lubricate the upper part of the engine block, the engine is smooth, not dry, improved power, lower fuel consumption. If you want to know more information, you can use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to check.

fuel additive

Function two, full combustion. When burned, small water microemulsion particle effect at high temperatures swept into the steam generation "micro-explosion" so that the combustion flame propagation is more uniform and delicate, so that the gas atomization is improved, so as to achieve complete combustion.

Function three, antioxidant. Fuel additive antioxidant ingredients can inhibit from fuel components in unstable components and a little olefin diene in the environment under the effect of temperature and air oxidation condensation formation of glial process, avoid the metal surface oxidation of automobile engine, to ensure the normal work of the engine. You can use the Launch X431 Creader VIII or Launch Creader VII tool to test the performance of the engine.

fuel additive

Function four, rust protection . Fuel in the storage and use process, there will be water, can cause rust, oil system for vehicle fuel additives can prevent the rust of pipelines and oil system.

Function five, anti-corrosion. Fuel to meet in the process of transportation, storage, use water caused by the oil emulsion, the oil-water boundary and form slag emulsion cream, cause the clogging in filter, and oil emulsification easy to moisture into the air intake system and combustion chamber corrosion and impact the normal operation of the engine, and composition of demulsification can prevent corrosion and affect the normal operation of the engine.

Function six, clean. Fuel additives contain pollutants, it has been adhered to in other parts of the heating surface grease, gum and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the role of pine, making it easy to be in the air in "clear", and after combustion exhaust. Carburetor vehicle hydraulic system, EFI car nozzle, intake valve has the function of keeping clean, using Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 or Autel AutoLink AL609 tool reads the carburetor real-time data.