Prevention tire: tire pressure down promptly repair
The hot summer is high season car tire. Due to the high temperatures, low quality or if the tire itself tire pressure is too high, the tire after gas expansion will lead to a puncture. Therefore, we recommend that owners will be tire reduced by 10%, adjusted to 2.2 kpa.

summer driving Three common problems

Owners should pay more attention this season on tire maintenance, if damage is discovered, it should be promptly repaired or replaced. If you have patched the tire, it is best to put the rear wheels or as a spare tire. In addition, particular attention not to let the summer tires collision obstacle, because it is easy to make the tire sidewall injuries caused problems.

Reminder: If the tire which occurs in the driving, the driver applied the hand tightly control the steering wheel, slow step on the brake, the vehicle smooth deceleration stop. Do not be an emergency brake, because it is easy to cause the flick even rollover.

Water temperature exceeded: Timely parking thermal cooling
Summer car drivers who not only baked, vehicles will be unable to withstand high temperatures, excessive water temperature is relatively common, even "boil" boiling. Summer car owners should always pay attention to see when the water table, look at whether the water tank.

summer driving Three common problems

Driving, if you find the water table pointer nearing the red line, it should reduce the speed as soon as the car drove into a cool place to stop. To avoid engine damage, do not immediately turn off after stopping, but should let the engine idle for a period of time before.

If the water temperature is still not fall down, you should turn off the car, check the engine coolant. But be careful not to open the radiator cap immediately, otherwise it is easy to steam burns. If it is because of lack of coolant, it would first make up.

Reminder: If the water temperature is too high the phenomenon, do not let the car on long journeys, because for a long time with a lot of damage to the engine water temperature is not under normal circumstances; do not slow down especially not choose congested roads.

Auto ignition: Reducing modified periodically check
Prevent the car ignition; the most basic method is to periodically do maintenance to the car, check the engine, and an oil circuit, to see whether the aging and oil spills. Do not store in a non-standard vehicle repair or modification, because of some wrong operation of Luanda wires, easy to friction is not effective at a fixed, will be dangerous.

summer driving Three common problems

If the modified car, especially lights, sound, etc., should be comprehensive examination. In the hot summer, do not lighters, fragrances, air fresheners and other flammable items placed under prolonged exposure to high temperatures inside the car to avoid swelling caused by physical explosion sparking spontaneous combustion; After a long journey, it should be appropriate to let the car rest what to avoid overload.

When driving, vehicle owners should be aware of signs of spontaneous combustion, such as an odor, abnormal sound or vehicle electrical malfunction and so on.

Reminder: The best car standing on a fire extinguisher. Once spontaneous combustion, the first car in the right place few people pull over, turn off the heat, remove the fire extinguisher, look for fire points to the part of the cooling tank and burning fire to avoid explosion.

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