Generally have the phenomenon of burning oil vehicle exhaust will have different degree of "blue smoke" symptoms, oil consumption increased significantly, a short period of time will have to add oil. Vehicles burning oil, it will lead to increased coke combustion chamber, economy cars, power drop, excessive exhaust emissions and other adverse consequences. Automotive expert introduces three methods of self testing whether the car burning oil, need to use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to detect, is simple and effective, may wish to try.

car burning oil

The first method is: when driving in the morning, the exhaust pipe appeared darker blue smoke, blue smoke disappear after a while, that day may not happen again, but the next day, the third day morning appeared This phenomenon, which shows that the vehicle has appeared the phenomenon of burning oil.

The second method is: When the vehicle is traveling,The driver stepped on the accelerator when the forced exhaust a lot of blue smoke, which shows a vehicle burning oil phenomenon has been more serious.

The third method is: In addition to the exhaust pipe to take blue smoke, you can see the blue smoke from the oil out mouth pulsation. In this case, engine damage has been very serious.

Once a car burning oil phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to go to 4S shop use the Launch X431 V+ Pro3 or Launch X431 GDS tools to detect and repair.

The poor sealing of the cylinder is mainly caused by the burning oil. Mainly with the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large, the piston ring seal improperly installed or worse, oil on the cylinder wall into the combustion chamber, causing the phenomenon of burning oil.

Auto repair experts said, causing the vehicle to burn the oil with the driver's driving habits. the driver to develop good driving habits, while possible, choose a good quality oil, the appropriate use of a slightly larger engine oil viscosity to increase piston seal between the cylinder wall,; ground check the dipstick regularly change the oil and oil filter, Genuine spare parts to replace the oil filter; timely use Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 or Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 tools to detect vehicle performance, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of burning oil.