Among all the car maintenance, the battery maintenance is also very important. While many car owners do not pay enough attention and have not a better knowledge of both the using and the maintenance of the car battery. As a result, they have not formed a good using habit and make the battery life shortened, and even do harm to the other electrical equipment. So, how to check whether the battery can still support working with your car? Maybe you can use a car diagnostic tool for help. A common battery life can be up to 2 or 3 years, if unreasonable used, you may change the battery of your car within 4 months.

Car Battery Maintenance Guide

Well, how to judge whether the battery need charged, and not make it in a state of loss of electricity? You can determine the working state of the battery by the brightness of the headlights or the strength of the stereo sound. If you wait until the brightness of the light become dark, the power storage would have entered into a state of loss of electricity and unable to start. In order to guarantee the normal work of the battery car owners should better start the engine to recharge it for every half an hour after the using of the battery.

Car Battery Maintenance Guide

Here are four errors for the using of the battery. All should pay attention:
1. Not charged with the new battery for the first use
Battery charged at the first time is called the first charge, which has a big influence for the battery life of your car. If not charged, and used directly, the capacity if the battery will be not large enough and shorten the battery life. While if charged directly, it will also shorten the battery life. In general, the first charging of the battery is after filling the electrolyte, and use a small current to charge it for about one hour and then you can use it.

2. Ignore the vent of battery
The vent of the new battery cover is usually sealing, when using you must first remove the adhesive paper, otherwise the air vent cannot be ruled out the gas during the chemical reactions, and will lead to an explosion because of the high pressure.

3. Too freely to add distilled water for the battery
Usually after adding the water for the accumulator, you must let the car run for a period of time, and charge the battery through the generator, making the distilled water and electrolyte fully mixed, and then the battery performance will not be affected. Well, after a long time of driving, we suggest you to use a king of tool to make a full checking for your car, including the battery life, such as the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P and Launch X431 IV GX4 Master Auto Diagnostic Tool, both are the best choice for you. Conversely, if not running after adding distilled water, distilled water and electrolyte will not be fully mixed, and it can cause the battery self-discharged or damage battery polarity.

4. Battery charge capacity not matched with the engine
If the charge capacity and engine don't match, battery charge quantity is small, the startup resistance increase, battery will put severe electricity, and is sure to shorten the battery life. If charging a small car with large capacity, the active substance will not be fully used, as a result, it will lead to a decline in economy. When loading, the battery is based on the starter battery power, voltage and the load of electrical equipment, so in exchange, it is important to note that matching the engine charge capacity.

Well, for more detailed information about the car maintenance please continue to pay attention to our Auto Diagnostic Tool Online Store and we will upload the latest and most practical knowledge for maintaining your loved car for you.