Market authorities released test report notes that only qualified additives can reduce fuel consumption, as well as increased power, maintenance engine, remove carbon deposits and other effects. In addition, The analysis of Auto Diagnostic Tool monitoring data shows that, after using the correct fuel additives, in the automobile exhaust hydrocarbon fell by 26.6%, a 19.7% drop in carbon monoxide.

car fuel additives

Select the high quality additive, not only can serve to reduce fuel consumption, as well as maintenance of the engine, remove carbon, environmental protection and other effects. More importantly, it is the engine maintenance measures, can prolong the engine's service life. And the use of inferior additives. Black smoke from the rear of the car.

Additives by cleaning the carburetor or fuel injectors dredge, improve fuel flow to reduce fuel waste; and wherein the accelerant for a class of fuel additives are directly involved in the physical and chemical reactions in the cylinder in the engine can be effectively improved engine efficiency. So the fuel additives can still play a role fuel-efficient.

Fuel additives for gasoline and diesel fuel into two additives. Gasoline additive main component is an organic compound with cleaning, dispersion, emulsion, antioxidant, anti-corrosion, anti rust, lubrication, combustion, cleaning function. Not volatile, non-flammable, does not form secondary pollutants, storage safe.

Additives contained in the purification, has been adhered to in other parts of the heating surface grease, gum and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the role of pine, making it easy to be in the air in "clear", and after combustion exhaust. Activated molecules such additives added to the oil dispersant that would allow rapid diffusion of small molecules directly attack the oil molecules in the long chain carbon bond, causing complete combustion, improved engine power, fuel consumption is reduced. You can use the Launch X431 Creader VII+ or Launch X431 CResetter II tool to check the engine operating status.

car fuel additives

Fuel additive also has many effects, such as:
First, remove carbon deposits, clean the fuel system
Second, enhance the performance of engine power
Third, to improve atomization, save fuel
Fourth, corrosion, rust, lubrication, protection engine
Fifth, reduce noise and wear and extend engine life
Sixth, the elimination of black smoke and reduce emissions

When you purchase fuel additives, to fully understand the composition and effectiveness of additives, buy some products with well-known and well preserve consumer certificate and service bills. Some products contain graphite, Teflon resin particles, fluoride, etc., likely to cause precipitation inside the engine, affect vehicle performance, try not to buy products containing these ingredients. You can regularly used Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 tools to detect the vehicle performance.