In the morning to open a automobile skylight: release of harmful gases
Car after a period of time of airtight, after Auto Diagnostic Tool detection, air filled with more benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. The first thing in the morning on the car, that is, open the sunroof, the use of negative pressure ventilation principle, rapidly clearing the car of harmful gases.

What are the functions of the automobile skylight

Open sunroof traffic jam: prevent exhaust into the car
When traffic jams, all vehicles are at a standstill, automobile exhaust will inevitably spread in the surrounding air. Then open the sunroof, and close the side, the car's gas will soon be discharged, and then the outside air into the car through the air conditioning filter out large amounts of harmful substances.

After exposure to open sunroof: to quickly lower the temperature inside the vehicle
In the hot summer, the car after sun exposure, the interior temperature becomes higher than the outside, then into the car will be very uncomfortable. After Launch X431 PAD or Launch X431 GDS tool test data show, in order to quickly lower the temperature inside the vehicle, an effective method is to open air-conditioning at the same time open the sunroof, in the heat discharge and air conditioning refrigeration effect after began to emerge, the skylight close again.

What are the functions of the automobile skylight

High-speed driving to open sunroof: reduce wind noise
When you open the side windows high-speed driving, the owner often be annoying noise and he could feel the strong winds plagued also affect driving safety. If you then open the sunroof, close the side, which can effectively prevent this from happening.

Cold Weather open sunroof: Quickly eliminate car mist
Use skylights defogging defogging is a quick way. Especially in the summer and fall, rain, humidity. Alice ventilation position only need to open the sun roof to the rear, the front windshield can easily eliminate fog, ensure traffic safety, when necessary, require the use of Xtool PS2 or AUTOBOSS V30 Elite tools to detect car performance.