Auto Body slight jitter situation many owners often encountered. If the owners to start the vehicle or the vehicle is not suspended off the engine case, if you find a slight shake the car body, it may mean that the following three conditions exist vehicle:

What are the reasons for auto body shake

If the driving process, found the body there is a slight jitter or offsets, it is generally caused by tire failure. First, the tire may be poor balance, you need to go as soon as to the car repair shop to do the wheel alignment and balancing, there is a simple way, using Auto Diagnostic Tool to do a correction.

Another condition is more serious, possibly because rim distortion, which requires owners to go to a professional repair shop to check. This situation generally occurs in the use of five-year vehicles. General motors to replace the new tires, new rims when to do a tire balance, otherwise the weight does not mean when the steering wheel is prone to jitter phenomenon. The body jitter can have an effect on driving comfort and control judgment. There is also a simpler way, using the Launch X431 GDS or Launch X-431 PAD tool to check whether the tire is balanced, if the balance, is not required to the repair shop.

What are the reasons for auto body shake

The third case is because the transmission shaft deformation caused by the imbalance, it typically occurs in the chassis of the car had a collision.

If there is to start car the body shaking, the fault is for equipment manual transmission vehicles, such as: from static started and slowly lift the clutch pedal, the vehicle vibration. This is due to a clutch three piece suit (flywheel, clutch plate and pressure plate) the irregular wear, in which one or a few pieces to produce deflection caused by, in the bonding process, clutch disc can not be smoothly joined, but a joint, a little and release of the engine power is just beginning to transfer, and suddenly slipped, replace the clutch three sets of damage, in using Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 or Autel AutoLink AL609 tool for the detection of gearbox is working properly.