New buy the car engine appears knock phenomenon. I believe that there are some people who have a little in-depth understanding of the working principle of the automotive engine, should understand the engine appears knock whether quality problem. if you don't have any information about the engine of the car, then we look together, what is knocking? Why the engine will knock? What effect does the knock have on the engine? How to avoid the engine knock? Why use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to check the engine knock?

What causes a car to knock and car knock solutions

The so-called "knock" is not to say that engine would explode or violent shaking, but refers to the gasoline engine before the spark plug without ignition, sprayed into the cylinder fuel is because of the cylinder body and the high temperature and the occurrence of spontaneous combustion of a non normal phenomenon. The spontaneous combustion will not only cause engine cylinder in local temperature is too high, can not let fuel to participate in the work of the engine, resulting in power output in serious decline, resonance between the piston and cylinder wall, because of abnormal vibration caused by explosion is called "knock".

Engine knock is actually the most important reason is that gasoline grade is too low, we often say that the number 92, number 95 refers to the grade of gasoline, Gasoline label is neither refers to the purity, nor does it imply a lot of people often say that the so-called octane number, but gasoline anti-knock index, also known as anti-knock index.

Focus, Mazda 3 and other vehicles encountered the "knock", the manufacturers solution is to use Autoboss V30 SPX or AUTOBOSS V30 Elite tool for trip computer upgrade, the knock problem is solved.

What causes a car to knock and car knock solutions

Engine knock is not the most important step to upgrade software part, the modern automobile engine through hardware modifications also cannot let knock disappear, essentially the only solution is based on the actual demand of the engine, the correct selection grade of gasoline .

Recommend vehicle appear knocking, first switch to high-grade gasoline, suppress the occurrence of knocking fundamentally. Try to avoid prolonged idling stop, avoid high gear low speed driving, automatic models accelerate to overtake, use low gear when climbing or manual shift mode, can effectively reduce the production of coke, to suppress detonation engine protection is also very favorable. Timely use Autel Maxidiag Elite MD701 or Autel MaxiDiag EU702 tool to check the engine, regularly clean the throttle, using high-grade synthetic oil can also reduce the incidence of carbon, the same can effectively avoid the generation of knock.