Gasoline detergent, as the name implies, is used to clean, then what does it do it?

What is the function of gasoline detergent

Gasoline detergent is a specifically added to gasoline have multi effect composite additive, composed of amino and phthalocyanine polymer surface active agent containing, a small amount of antioxidant, anti-corrosion, anti rust, metal reduction, demulsification and other additives.

Its main function is used to make the fuel system clean, especially the carburetor, nozzle, intake valves, these places are susceptible to dirt, and also not easy to cleaned, but this kind of gasoline detergents on combustion chamber deposit has no significant effect. It can be very good than old fuel system sediment more car cleaning. With the development of technology as well as the development and application of gasoline detergent basically in line with international standards.

So the role of gasoline detergent is clean, the owners are in daily vehicle maintenance, and the use of Auto Diagnostic Tool to check car, you can also consider this pleiotropic compound, reducing fuel system contamination, extending the service life of the car.